About SkillsUSA Pin Design (State)

Welcome to the official SkillsUSA National Pin Design competition!

Chances are, you’re viewing this page because your state pin design qualified you to compete at NLSC in Louisville, KY during the last week of June.
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Here are some tips for your success:

  • Obtain a copy of the SkillsUSA Technical Standards and read up on the Pin Design competition. Your SkillsUSA advisor will have a copy, or you can purchase one through the SkillsUSA website.
  • Especially note the requirements for the graphic that you bring for judging. Public displays in the form of presentation boards or other creative arrangements are now part of the judging process. Make sure your contestant number is on the artwork for judging.
  • Prepare your presentation and practice many times so that you are comfortable. Practice in front of teachers, peers, or whomever will take the time to listen.
  • Make sure to bring a printed copy of your resumé. Résumés are collected at the orientation meeting and points will be deducted if not submitted.
  • Check the  SkillsUSA website for contest updates and important information, such as dress code.
  • This competition requires Official SkillsUSA Dress. Make sure you’re fully prepared.

    Contest Description
    Please note- This is a leadership competition open to registered SkillsUSA state champions in ALL program areas. 
    Students present their state-winning pin along with their artwork and participate in an oral presentation regarding all aspects of their creation of the design. Contestants will explain how the pin represents their state, its unique qualities and why another SkillsUSA student or adult member would want to wear the pin. The student must also create a table top display that is educational and represents the process that took place in creating the design.

    Orientation Meeting: On 6/25/19 the contestant meeting will be held at 12:00 NOON.

    BRING YOUR RESUME to the contestant meeting on Tuesday afternoon and BE IN OFFICIAL DRESS. You will be evaluated on your clothing at the contestant meeting. Make sure you also have your TABLE TOP DISPLAY ready to be set up after the meeting. You will not have time after the contestant meeting to go back to your room and get it. We will be following the rules in the Technical Standards exactly. Table top displays will need to be completely set up for judging by 2:00pm and contestants will be asked to leave the area at that time. Presentation time slots will be also be assigned.

    Presentation Schedule:
    Wednesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
    Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

    Power will be available for those who prefer to present via computer/projector display.  If you plan on a computer/projector presentation, please test and troubleshoot your computer and projector in advance. Bring the correct display adapters, a power adapter, and make sure to charge battery powered devices. Due to technical issues experienced in the past, NLSC will not provide a projector/screen. Competitors may elect to use their tabletop display as a visual aid for their presentation.

Kentucky Exposition Center
The SkillsUSA NLSC is held at the Kentucky Exposition Center


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  1. we will miss KC in 2015

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